The gadgets and gear Ars staffers love the most this Valentine's Day .



For Valentine’s Day, Ars writers describe the tech they cherish the most

Valentine's Day and consumer technology don't exactly go hand in hand. Every couple is different, but if you're getting a loved one a gift for the holiday, it should come from the heart. A new smartphone or portable hard drive is nice, but it doesn't always scream "romance."

For the tech-obsessed robots at Ars Technica, though, good gear will always win out against fickle concepts like "human emotions." So instead of posting a more conventional gift guide, I decided to celebrate this Valentine's Day in a more Arsian manner: by asking my colleagues to point their hearts not toward other people but toward the tech in their lives that they appreciate the most.

Here are a few things we love.

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Apple iPad (9.7")

Jeff Dunn
I fully acknowledge that, conceptually, the iPad is boring. But in the year since I sent my old iPad mini 2 to the big closet in the sky, Apple's 9.7-inch tablet has easily become the piece of tech I use most often.

To peel back the curtain a bit: Ars is a remote operation, so all of us work from home. I've used this freedom to experiment with my workflow. Instead of sitting in front of a laptop all day, I split my duties between a Mac mini in my home office and the iPad everywhere else. When I really need to hunker down for something, the old desktop-monitor-mechanical-keyboard triptych is still the most powerful way to plow through a project.