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What We Like When We Like Eggs on Instagram

Five years ago, there was potato salad. Then there was half an onion, chicken nuggets, and now there's an egg.Eleven days ago, the anonymous Instagram account world_record_egg posted its first image, what appears to be a simple stock photo of a brown...

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BASF Presents Cotton Research Award

Dr. Gaylon Morgan of Texas A&M University received the Outstanding Career Research for Cotton Agronomy Award at the 2019 Beltwide Cotton Conference. Morgan said he was honored by the recognition. “Everything that we do within my program, the...

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Netflix Raises Prices!

Well, they have to pay for all that content somehow! Netflix increased its prices for the first time since 2017 on Tuesday, just under 20% across the board. Video: Trailer For Netflix’s Terrifying Ted Bundy Doc If you’re currently on the most popula...

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Opendoor competitor Knock raises $400M

Home trade-in platform Knock has brought in a $400 million investment to accelerate a national expansion and double its 100-person headcount. Foundry Group has led the Series B funding round in New York-based Knock, with participation from Comp...