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Kimbella Shares Juelz Santana Jailhouse Pics

Source: Prince Williams / GettyThe rapper’s wife and reality star Kimbella  Vanderhee shared jailhouse flicks of Juelz (he also shared one on his IG account). To make the cipher complete, he is seen rocking Timberlands.“There’s NOT a day or night tha...

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GROWMARK Launches AgValidity Platform

GROWMARK is partnering with startup technology companies with its AgValidity testing platform to bring new research and developments to its member companies and farmer customers. “We kind of saw this opportunity where we potentially could be the...

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Review: Vizio P-Series Quantum 4K TV (2019)

There’s nothing subtle about a 65-inch TV. By virtue of its size it’s going to command attention from the moment it arrives on your doorstep. When I went down to help the delivery guy bring the Vizio P-Series Quantum up to my apartment, a stranger in...

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Can Tech 'Objectively' Assess Pain?

Pain flickers across people’s faces in inconsistent, contradictory ways. Charles Darwin, ever the meticulous observer, noticed this problem early: “The mouth may be closely compressed, or more commonly the lips are retracted,” he wrote in The Express...

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Girls Go Wild With Graduation Caps

There are many traditions surrounding graduation, from senior pranks to all night parties. One of the most visible is the tradition to decorate graduation caps, despite the fact the school discourages it. Seeing all of the unique personalities displa...

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Guns In Education? Yes, Please.

“Hey, a teacher brought guns to school. Let’s go see them,” is a phrase you are bound to hear in the hallways of Skyline. It may be taken as a joke at first, but once the students start going down the English hall, it becomes non-ironic and is one of...