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How to Watch Tesla's Model Y Reveal Tonight

Elon Musk will take the stage tonight at Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California, to unveil the Model Y, his electric automaker’s latest model. So far, we don’t know much about the Y beyond the basics. It will be a small SUV. It will of course...

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State of the Blog 2019

A photo of the blog from the SWS Guest House in Seoul, Korea, Feb. 2008.Writing has long been part of my life. I’ve kept a journal for 30 years (see 5 Benefits of Journaling). And, now I’ve written on the blog half that time, compiling more than...

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This is at least my ninth year of writing about Pi Day—here is my post from 2010. Of course it's called Pi Day because the date, 3/14, is similar to the first three digits of pi (3.1415 …). At this point I've built up a whole library of fun things...