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How to garden with less plastic

For starters, skip the individual bags of compost and the plastic seedling pots.Gardening is one of those soul-affirming, Earth-friendly activities that we're big fans of at TreeHugger. Growing your own food (and flowers) is the most effective way t...

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60 delicious additions for overnight oats

Easy, healthy, and endlessly customizable, here's how to make basic overnight oats and then push them deliciously over the top.There is something magical that happens when you douse oats with liquid and allow them to soak it all up overnight. They t...

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How to eat watermelon seeds

Why have we been spitting out watermelon seeds all this time? They've got more protein than eggs and taste delicious, silly us.Maybe it is a sign of our lucky abundance that most of us don't know (or didn't until recently) that we can (and should) e...