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Give Me Dresses or Give Me Death*

Image: Aritzia, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, ASOSShit I BoughtWelcome to Shit I Bought, a column where we recap the life-changing beauty and fashion purchases of various staffers—and also just stuff we bought on a whim.  As an adult, I have found that it...

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Bye, Acosta!

Image: GettyAlex Acosta, Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary, will resign from the cabinet following increased scrutiny over the sweetheart deal he gave noted sexual predator and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago that allowed Epste...

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Beverly Hills 90210 Is Back, Sort Of

The first teaser for the new Beverly Hills 90210 is here, and it’s got some awkward Tori Spelling shoulder dancing, Gabrielle Carteris smugly brandishing an egg, and Shannen Doherty putting on a pair of aviators looking like she just read the whole g...