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How Obvious Does It Need to Be?

Image: Getty“Racially charged” is how both CNN and the Wall Street Journal described a series of tweets sent by Donald Trump over the weekend targeting four Democratic women of color, Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan...

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Define 'Homophobic'

Image: GettyImagine my surprise when late last week, I, an out gay man, found myself enrolled in an online course on homophobia that was attempting to teach me something I didn’t know. I thought I’d seen it all: the withering glances, the systemic d...

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Even When It's a Mistake, It's Still Erasure

Image: GettyHere’s a bad look: A radio segment by three men on the history of America’s government-fostered tobacco dependence, without once mentioning by name the woman whose book formed the basis for the entire segment.The Lily reported on the gla...