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What Harmless Lies Did Your Family Tell You?

Screenshot: Cheaper by the Dozen (2003Last week, in a very animated conversation about the Rainforest Cafe, I admitted to my Jezebel co-workers that my abuela once told me the frog mascot was a coqui, an amphibian indigenous to Puerto Rico—one of th...

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Then They Came For Our Manholes

Image: GettyBERKELEY, CALIF.—The following is “transcribed” from a letter “handed” to me this morning by a mysterious, hooded stranger. He came bearing news that our city had recently voted to remove gendered pronouns from municipal codes in referen...

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The 'Good Guy' Defense Is So Very Old

Bringing up that men accused of sexual assault are “good guys” by means of defense is the oldest and most tired trope: The idea that men who come from “good families,” have “good jobs,” are students at a “good school,” are endowed with a “good reputa...