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What's VJ Kennedy Up To?

Image: GettyKennedy—as in, the former MTV VJ Kennedy, née Lisa Kennedy Montgomery—has been making excellent use of her time lately, brainstorming potential nicknames for presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke. So far, she’s landed on Beta O’Dork and her...

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What Michael Jackson Sold Us

Image: GettyAt first, it felt like something was being taken away from us. Upon the announcement of Leaving Neverland’s premiere at Sundance, and then the credulous response from critics and other attendees of the festival, I hoped that those respon...

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Alfre Woodard Wants You to Treat Yourself

Alfre Woodard is officially part of the latest romantic comedy revival. In the Netflix film Juanita, she plays the titular character, a mother of three adult kids. Bored with the mundanity of life, she takes off from work (and from her children) to...