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Pornhub Has Created A Bang Album

Valentine's Day may be over in Australia, but that doesn't mean that couples aren't keen to still get their bang on. To quote a classic 2011 ballad, "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday." And if you're in the mood for some romance, Pornh...

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Papua New Guinea Needs Its Cars Back

Some folks in economically-struggling Papua New Guinea weren’t thrilled when their leadership approved the acquisition of expensive Maserati Quattroportes and other vehicles to drive around foreign leaders during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperati...

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Tesla Adds Dog Mode For Extremely Good Bois

Seeing dogs left in cars, especially on hot summer days, is upsetting. The same goes for children. Regardless of the reasoning, it happens. So Tesla has come up with a way to protect all good doggos. Dog Mode regulates the temperature in the car fo...