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How I Mastered My Presence As An Introvert

These moments can lead to Imposter Syndrome, that feeling that you’re a 'fraud' and someone will find you out. If this all sounds familiar, there are ways to stop it holding you back. Designed by TRESemmé and the International Center for Research on...

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This Is The Dress That'll Define Fall 2019

Maybe you've felt it already: an irrational pull, in the dog days of summer, to pre-order a perfecto jacket or fisherman sweater that you can't comfortably wear for another few months. But while it might seem illogical or frivolous, in reality, preem...

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What Is The Family On Netflix?

“The idea that leaders are chosen by God. That they are instruments of God’s will. Does the theology of the Fellowship, where you preach to the up and out, and not the down and out, present an inherent challenge to transparency, accountability, and d...